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Safety Plans, Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities, The Healing Journey Toolkit
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The Healing Journey Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities

Safety Plans
Safety plans are important tools for abused women and children. A safety plan sets out possible actions you can take to increase your safety and the safety of your children. They can help you prepare for the possibility of further violence. There are many different aspects of safety planning.
The safety plans are presented using the medicine wheel teachings. You can explore safety-planning techniques across a range of elements. Most safety plans deal only with how to escape in a crisis and get to someplace safe. In addition to physical safety planning, the safety plans in this booklet also deal with the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of being and keeping safe.

Medicine Wheel

You can use the models in this booklet to create your own safety plans. Consider asking someone to help you make your safety plan. Although you will know best what might work for you, hearing another person’s suggestions is always helpful. So, go ahead and ask a social worker at the Health Centre, the staff of Gignoo Transition House or your local transition house (see page 2 of your telephone book for phone numbers for transition houses), or a friend to go over it with you. You may have to create some, or all, of these safety plans for yourself. If you know someone who is living with abuse, offer to help them to make a safety plan.