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The Healing Journey Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities

Safety and Drug and Alcohol Consumption

Sometimes a victim of abuse will drink alcohol or take mood-altering drugs to hide their pain. Some of this use is legal and some is not. Victims should know how this could affect them, for example,
  • If you and the abuser have both been drinking it may be hard for the police to get an accurate statement about what appened.  
  • The abuser may use alcohol or other drugs as an excuse for violence. 
  • After being abused, you may be more likely to lash out at others, like your children, if you are drinking or using drugs.  
  • The use of any alcohol or other drugs can reduce your awareness and ability to act quickly to protect yourself from the abusive partner.  
  • A victim who is a parent could be at a disadvantage in legal actions with the abusive partner over custody and access if the children if she/he is known to use illegal/legal drugs.