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Safety in my own home, Safety Plans, Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities, The Healing Journey Toolkit
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The Healing Journey Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities

Safety in my own home
Following are some suggestions for safety measures in your own home. (Some of these safety measures cost money.)
Number 1 If possible I could:
• change the locks on my doors and windows (if you are renting you should check with your landlord, or if you own your own home, you should get legal advice before changing the locks)
• install a peep hole in the door
• replace wooden doors with steel/metal doors
• install window bars, poles to wedge against doors, an electronic alarm system
• purchase rope ladders to be used for escape from second floor windows
• install smoke detectors and buy fire extinguishers for each floor
• install a motion sensitive lighting system outside that lights up when a person is coming close to my home
• leave the lights on
Number 2 If we are arguing over custody and access of the children, I can tell the people who look after my children about who has permission to pick up my children and who does not. I can give them copies of the family court orders and a picture of the abusive partner. The people I will inform about pick up permission include:
• school: _______________________________________________
• daycare staff: _______________________________________________
• babysitters: _______________________________________________
• Sunday school teacher:________________________________________
• teacher: _______________________________________________
• other: _______________________________________________
Number 3
I could inform
______________________ (neighbour),  
 ______________________________(Band Office),
 _______________________________ (friend),
______________________________ (landlord / other)
that I am separated and they should call the police if they see my (ex)partner near my home.
Number 4

Other things that I am already using or that I might use: __________________________________________________          __________________________________________________