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Safety as I prepare to leave, Safety Plans, Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities, The Healing Journey Toolkit
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The Healing Journey Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities

Safety as I prepare to leave
Here are some actions to consider if you are leaving your abusive partner. Even if you are not planning to leave, it is important to have a safety plan in case the violence gets worse and you do have to leave quickly.
Number 1 I should just leave without telling my partner because it may be dangerous to say that I am leaving
Number 2 In case I have to go quickly, I can leave some emergency cash, an extra set of house keys and car keys and some extra clothes with __________________, and _______________________ .
Number 3 I can keep copies of important documents such as birth certificates, status cards and Medicare cards for myself and my children at __________________________.
Number 4 I can open a savings account to increase my freedom to leave. I should make sure to tell the bank not to send any mail to my home address.
Number 5 I can get legal advice from a lawyer who understands woman abuse. But I should make sure the lawyer knows not to send any letters to my home address. If I have call display at my home, I will let my lawyer know to use Call Block *67 when contacting me by telephone (refer to the front pages of your telephone book for information on Call Block).
Number 6 I can call the Gignoo Transition House for Aboriginal women. The free telephone number is1-800-565-6878. I can seek safe shelter and support by calling this number. Other transition houses and crisis numbers are listed on pages 1 & 2 of the telephone book.
Number 7 I can keep change for phone calls on me at all times. I must be careful if I am using a telephone credit card because my (ex) partner could see the numbers I have called on next month's telephone bill. To keep telephone communications confidential, I can use a pay phone, a friend's phone, or a friend's calling card. If I have call display at my home, and I am concerned about my partner discovering who may be calling me, I should tell anyone who may want to call me how to use Call Block *67 so that their names and numbers will not appear on my home telephone (refer to the front pages of your telephone book for information on Call Block).
Number 8 If I have to return home to get personal belongings, I can call the police and ask them to come with me and stand by and keep the peace. To do this, I call 911 and ask the police to meet me somewhere close to my home. They will stay while I pick up my own and my children's personal belongings.
Number 9 These are people in the community that I could ask for assistance with the following matters:
- money: ____________________________________________________
- childcare: __________________________________________________
- support attending appointments: ________________________________
- transportation: ______________________________________________
- other: _____________________________________________________
Number 10 Telephone Numbers I Need to Know:
For safety reasons it may be necessary to keep these telephone numbers hidden (but accessible!) and/or memorize the numbers:
Police Department _______________________________________________
Gignoo Transition House 1-800-565-6878
Other/Local Transition House (see page 2 of telephone book) _____________
Health/Wellness Centre ___________________________________________
Victim Services _________________________________________________
Counselling/Mental Health ________________________________________
Chimo Help Line (24 hours) 1-800-667-5005
Lawyer ________________________________________________________
Band Office ____________________________________________________
Minister/Priest/Elder _____________________________________________
Local Family Violence Prevention Organization: _______________________
Other _________________________________________________________
Number 11 I should take important items with me when I leave, if there is time. I will keep them all together in one location or put some of the outside the home. This will make it much easier if a leave in a hurry. Items I may want to take if I leave.
identification for myself and my children driver's license and registration
birth certificates for myself and my children medications
status cards for myself and my children passports
protection order papers/documents health cards
social insurance cards medical records
school /vaccination records divorce/separation papers
jewellery address book
money pictures/photos
chequebook, bank book/cards children's favourite toy/blankets
credit cards items of special sentimental value
keys - house/car/office certificate of possession/deed to property